Delights of Italian cuisine at Luxury hotels in Italy

13 Jan

One of the delights of staying in any number of luxury hotels in Italy is the delight of Italian food and cuisine. There are a wide variety of regional cuisines for the visitor to savour, with origins that can be traced back to the 4th century BCE as recorded by the Greek Sicilian food writer, Archestratus.

During the 9th century Sicily was invaded by Muslims and the Arabs introduced such foods as spinach, rice and almonds. During the 12th century spaghetti made an introduction as a dish created in southern Italy. A Norman king who made a survey of Sicily during the same period introduced stockfish, salt cod and the ever popular technique of casseroling.

In the early centuries refrigeration did not exist, so a culture of preserving meat and fish by smoking, salting, pickling and drying was a necessity to preserve staples during the long winter months. Root vegetables were regularly par boiled and preserved in a brine mixture. As a sweet alternative to preserve fruits, sugar, spirits and honey were used instead.

An over-usage of spices was left by the wayside in preference of fresh herbs and the introduction of such flavourful ingredients as saffron, onions, mushrooms, sardines and olives. Until as recently as the 18th century much of Italy was governed by Spain, France and Austria, influencing the local cuisine with a distinctly French flavour until cookbooks written at the time shifted focus from chefs to bourgeois housewives.

French style pureed soups were forgotten in favour of Mediterranean vegetables, stock and either rice or pasta. Vitto Pitagorico’s influence was noted by the addition of fruits, herbs, flowers, roots and seeds in what became known as Pitagoric or vegetarian food. Luxury hotels in Italy employ some of the finest chefs in the world today to delight the palates of visitors to this wonderfully diverse country.

You may well enjoy a fine Risotto in Venice, bacon and Montasio cheese in Carnia, or Polenta served with sausage and cheese. Travel to any luxury hotels in Italy in the Alto Adige region to enjoy the popular pasta with tomatoes and olive oil or enjoy an afternoon in Mantua village where you may well be served tortelli di zucca, which is pumpkin with a rice filling. Make a reservation at a luxury hotels in Italy where you take part in the delights of Italian cuisine today.

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Enjoy Authentic French Food While in Paris

29 Oct

When most people think of Paris, a few things naturally come to mind. The Eiffel Tower, love, and delicious French food are all almost instantly associated with the historic and vibrant capital city of Paris. French food conveys not only tasty cuisine but also a sense of romanticism and a flair for culture that other types of cuisine often seem to lack.

Paris is well known for its unique French dishes that are served at restaurants of all shapes and sizes throughout the city. There are also a number of  fine paris hotel restaurants that serve up fine cuisine in true french style with 4 courses and tasty wines on the menu.

With such dishes like escargot and caviar, Parisians have a reputation for serving fare that is viewed as exotic by other parts of the world. Meats of all sorts that have been simmered in delicious sauces and broths are also served by many of the restaurants found throughout the bustling city.

Delicate layers of pastry with mild sweet or savory flavorings mingled throughout are also a signature Parisian food. While it is possible to buy pastries around the world in today’s global era, it is almost impossible to duplicate the light and airy layers of a genuine French pastry. A suitable pastry and a coffee make the morning especially easy to greet when in Paris.

Versatile French bread is a staple of many kitchen tables around the world these days. Ideal for ensuring that every speck of sauce or broth is able to be enjoyed, bread of this type can be found in nearly every Parisian restaurant as it rounds out each meal beautifully. It does not matter what the main course is, or whether the meal is served in a tiny corner bistro or a five star restaurant, the smell, taste and texture of French bread fits in seamlessly.

A meal of sumptuous French food is simply not complete unless there is a suitable beverage to accompany it. Nearly everyone has heard of champagne, the bubbly drink that borrows its name from the fertile area of France with the same name. French wine is renowned throughout the world as well. The knowledgeable wait staff in any good Parisian restaurant can also make wine recommendations based on the dishes served.


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Perfect Situations to Offer Chocolate

17 Jul

Chocolate is an appropriate gift for most any occasion. However, it helps to know the perfect situations in which to offer chocolate and how that gift can be presented.

For children and teenagers, chocolate can be offered as a gift to lift their spirits when they are down, such as losing a competition at school or losing a beloved pet. Adults, however, do not normally receive gifts of chocolate during sombre occasions. The gifts presented during these times are usually flowers, if their own customs dictate the need for a gift at all.

A small gift of chocolate is sure to brighten anyone’s day, but you can also go the next step and prepare a chocolate hamper complete with an assortment of fruits, nuts, and flowers. For example, if you are giving a gift of chocolate for a romantic occasion, you can add strawberries and chocolate, which are a tasty combination, and accompany the hamper with a bouquet of red roses and a bottle of champagne. The same idea goes for the holidays; the hamper can be done up in red and green decoration, and the chocolate can be accompanied by candy canes and other seasonal items.

When selecting a gift of chocolate, it is important to keep in mind any health considerations. For example, if the recipient has mentioned that he or she is on a diet, then you should opt for low-fat chocolate. If the recipient has a medical condition such as diabetes, make sure that the chocolate you choose is labelled as being suitable for diabetics. Dark chocolate is a great option all around as it is loaded with antioxidants and therefore healthier than other chocolates such as white chocolate or milk chocolate.

Many gift shops operate online so that you can send gifts to loved ones from a distance; for example, you can send gifts to India ‘even if you live across the world in the U.S.’ says aryan florist international gift shop owner, Rishi Rich. With a gift of chocolate, the recipient is sure to appreciate the gesture, and he or she will think of you whenever they enjoy that sweet treat.

Another great idea for a gift is antique mirrors, but then that would require the recipient to be interested in antiques.

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food and beverage

26 Apr

People who a have great refined taste often like to dine in a sophisticated manner that is why gourmet food items are best for them. It is a cultural method through which a cook can display his or her culinary art of preparing fine food and drinks. Gourmet food items and drinks are famous all around the world because great attention is paid about their decoration and presentation.

It is often see that the term gourmet is also used for sophisticated restaurants and hotels because they provide great facilities and services to the customers. If you really want to obtain all the information about gourmet food and drink items then you must surely read this article.


You must keep in mind that gourmet food items are always presented with good decoration and high class presentation in order to highlight their special features. Various special ingredients and spices are used for preparing gourmet food items to make them tasty and delicious.


You must know that special variety of gourmet tea is supplied from all around the world. One great feature of this tea is that it has a delicious flavor and a soothing aroma. There are numerous different varieties of gourmet teas available in the market that really have a great taste and herbal properties.

chocolates and cakes

White, milk, sweet and milky is some special varieties in which you can get the delicious gourmet cakes and chocolates.. They are greatly different from normal chocolates as they contain special nuts, fruits and creams. You will see that these special chocolates are very different from the normal chocolates that you get in the market.


You have tasted various different varieties of cheese but I must tell you that gourmet cheese is very different from all of them. The gourmet cheese is especially made from sheep milk in Poland. Different varieties of cheese are now available in the market which you can purchase according to your convenience.


Some of the different types of gourmet coffee that is available in the market are mentioned below.

a) Colombian gourmet coffee has a great flavor and taste that can really mesmerize your senses.

b) Other flavors like French Vanilla, almond, hazelnut and cookie are great in taste and aroma.


Caviar is an extremely tasty dish that is famous all around the world and in the gourmet category can get them in Rich American golden and Russian Dark variety.

I am sure this article would really help you to know a lot of things about gourmet food and coffee.

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